Welcome to the WattleNest- a community that connects business and sport to build stronger, healthier and all inclusive communities.

It is time to invest in our elite athletes, celebrate our sporting talent and provide pathways to share their stories that will connect the Nation. Our elite athletes train on average 36 hours a week to chase their dreams overcoming much adversity and significant barriers. They provide tremendous benefits to society including the ability to build stronger, healthier and all inclusive communities.

The WattleNest ENABLES our athletes to reach their POTENTIAL and provides endless POSSIBILITIES that would not be available otherwise.

We invite you on our journey to athlete empowerment and together we can drive positive change delivering real social impact .

Our Values


The ability to find strength, withstand fear & act with integrity regardless of the circumstance.


Empowering people to bring about fairness, inclusiveness & joy though purposeful actions & kindness.


Strong desire to evolve, learn, & challenge. A mindset of creating endless possibilities.

Why Now?

Australia is a sport obsessed Nation yet almost half of our best athletes are living below the poverty line. The WattleNest is determined to change this unacceptable statistic by providing financial support to our elite and pre-elite athletes. Sport has the ability to connect business and community; unite all ages, races, religions, cultures and beliefs; provide people with a sense of belonging; empower, inspire and engage the next generations; build confidence; encourage positive choices and provide alternative pathways for troubled youth. Our athletes believe in the power of giving back and by investing in them, we can build stronger, healthier and all-inclusive communities. We are a community of enablers unleashing possibilities for our athletes to reach their full potential.  Together we can make a positive difference, not just for our athletes but the communities in which they serve, because affordability should not be a barrier for anyone to fulfil their dreams.

Join our community!


Our Foundation Partners

Our corporate partners believe in our vision to empower athletes and invest in the journey. Opportunities are available for businesses to join us in partnership with our For the Glory TV production, to support an athlete or engage in unique team building events. For the Glory is a TV production series hosted by our Founder, Rachel Condos-Fields and Australian Representative track and field athlete, Nana Owusu-Afriyie to bring the general public stories of local talent and sporting achievements. The WattleNest has limited studio partnership opportunities available that will provide measurable brand exposure and a guaranteed new reach whilst making a positive impact to society. Our in studio guests cover a diverse range of sports and individuals at different stages of their sporting career. Athlete Partnership programs exist to enable Corporate Australia to support elite talent chase their dream of representing the Nation on the International stage. You can be part of their journey by helping mitigate some of the financial barriers impacting performance forging a unique, personalised relationship that offers workplaces unique opportunities for engagement with key stakeholders. If you are interested in an athlete appearance for a function the WattleNest can facilitate a program that considers your objectives.    

Major Partners


Our Founder

Rachel Condos-Fields is not someone to walk away from a challenge and when she was confronted with stories of unknown hardship within our athlete community she had to act. Rachel is a seasoned Executive with 20 years professional experience within the financial services industry, she has held Executive positions within Professional Sport, Chaired Boards and mentored sporting talent but her biggest passion is delivering positive impact where change is needed. She is a natural connector who loves to bring people, sport and business together to empower, inspire and grow. Rachel hopes The WattleNest will increase funding available for our elite athletes and use the power of sport to build stronger, healthier and all inclusive communities.

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The Athlete agrees:

The Athlete is over the age of 18 or has disclosed otherwise.

The Athlete understands that by participating in the WattleNest Athlete Partnership Program there is no guarantee of funding.

On receipt of any funding, the Athlete will provide quarterly updates to the WattleNest Pty Ltd and the Corporate Partner, which might include, but is not limited to providing information on the Athlete’s performance, upcoming competitions or training to the WattleNest Pty Ltd and the Corporate Partner.

The Athlete agrees that these updates may be shared on the Corporate Partner and WattleNest Pty Ltd’s social media platforms

The Athlete must keep the WattleNest Pty Ltd and the Corporate Partner fully informed of the Athlete competition schedule.

The Athlete must follow the WattleNest Pty Ltd and its Corporate partner on social media channels and make a conscious effort to promote and encourage engagement.

The Athlete is encouraged, where possible, and provided there is no conflict with the Athlete’s competition and reparation schedule, to attend the WattleNest Pty Ltd networking events.

The Athlete will continue to comply with all Australian and world sports body rules and regulations and all rules and regulations of the Athlete’s Member Federation.

The Athlete will promote the WattleNest Pty Ltd and the Corporate Partner via his or her social media platforms and the Corporate Partner and the WattleNest Pty Ltd irrevocably grant the Athlete a licence to use their trademarks and other intellectual property (including image rights) to advertise and promote the Corporate Partner and the WattleNest Pty Ltd.

The Athlete irrevocably grants to the WattleNest Pty Ltd and the Corporate Partner rights to use the Athlete image, and other intellectual property rights, in advancement of the Athlete Partner Program.

Any funds provided to the Athlete as part of the Athlete Partner Program will be used to support the Athlete's progress in the sport for example, but not limited to, assisting the Athlete to attend competitions, pay for training, training equipment etc.

The WattleNest Pty Ltd is not responsible for any brand conflicts and will not protect exclusivity - the Athlete is responsible for ensuring that any existing or future Corporate Partnership agreements are complied with, that by participating in the Athlete Partner Program they are not in breach of pre-existing agreements and that they will advise any future Corporate Partners etc of his or her participation in the Athlete Partner Program.

The Athlete indemnifies and will keep the WattleNest Pty Ltd indemnified from and against any and all claims directly or indirectly, arising out of or relating to any content posted on the Athlete’s website or social media posts concerning the WattleNest Pty Ltd or the Corporate Partner.

The Athlete agrees that by participating in the Athlete Partner Program, he / she is consenting to use of their image being used by the WattleNest Pty Ltd and the Corporate Partner without prior consent being obtained.

The WattleNest Pty Ltd is not liable for any damage, including but not limited to, not limited to if the Corporate Partner:

  • breaches these Terms and Conditions;
  • is subject to negative media publicity;
  • is subject to a change of control;
  • acts in a way that brings the WattleNest Pty Ltd or the Athlete into disrepute.

The athlete, where LinkedIn is being used, will add the WattleNest as an organisation of affiliation.

The athlete, where Instagram is being used, will follow the WattleNest and show support of other athletes in the program.

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