Adopt An Athlete program

Get behind a WattleNest Athlete as a club, school, group of friends or business and become part of their journey. Your adopted athlete will give you a great feeling of pride when you see them compete in their field and in return they will support you on your journey. You will receive updates from your Athlete in terms of their performance and progression, and have the ability to include them in your own pep talks.

Money Can’t Buy Experience

Whether you want to learn to paddle from a World Champion, share a helicopter ride with an Olympian to a lunch destination, host a private Kick2Kick with an AFL Legend, or train with your favourite Australian Sporting Hero, we can provide you or your team with a personalised experience that will leave lasting memories. These experiences can be tailored for employee engagements, birthday parties, corporate functions and special occasions.

Athlete Appearance

Our Athletes make great hosts for your corporate function. They can provide valuable insights on a panel discussion and can play a critical role with employee engagement. Many of our athletes are keynote speakers and cover a range of themes from overcoming adversity, nutrition, mental health and performance excellence.

Athlete Development Workshops

WattleNest Athletes love sharing their experiences and are available to provide your team with a development workshop that can help your team reach their peak performance, enhance productivity, and operate to the best of their ability.

In Studio Media Training

Do you have a passion for television production? Are you interested in learning about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into creating a TV show, such as our ‘For The Glory’?  If so, then this training experience is perfect for you!

You will get to:

If you are interested in exploring any of the above opportunities, please click here: Contact us


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The Athlete agrees:

The Athlete is over the age of 18 or has disclosed otherwise.

The Athlete understands that by participating in the WattleNest Athlete Partnership Program there is no guarantee of funding.

On receipt of any funding, the Athlete will provide quarterly updates to the WattleNest Pty Ltd and the Corporate Partner, which might include, but is not limited to providing information on the Athlete’s performance, upcoming competitions or training to the WattleNest Pty Ltd and the Corporate Partner.

The Athlete agrees that these updates may be shared on the Corporate Partner and WattleNest Pty Ltd’s social media platforms

The Athlete must keep the WattleNest Pty Ltd and the Corporate Partner fully informed of the Athlete competition schedule.

The Athlete must follow the WattleNest Pty Ltd and its Corporate partner on social media channels and make a conscious effort to promote and encourage engagement.

The Athlete is encouraged, where possible, and provided there is no conflict with the Athlete’s competition and reparation schedule, to attend the WattleNest Pty Ltd networking events.

The Athlete will continue to comply with all Australian and world sports body rules and regulations and all rules and regulations of the Athlete’s Member Federation.

The Athlete will promote the WattleNest Pty Ltd and the Corporate Partner via his or her social media platforms and the Corporate Partner and the WattleNest Pty Ltd irrevocably grant the Athlete a licence to use their trademarks and other intellectual property (including image rights) to advertise and promote the Corporate Partner and the WattleNest Pty Ltd.

The Athlete irrevocably grants to the WattleNest Pty Ltd and the Corporate Partner rights to use the Athlete image, and other intellectual property rights, in advancement of the Athlete Partner Program.

Any funds provided to the Athlete as part of the Athlete Partner Program will be used to support the Athlete's progress in the sport for example, but not limited to, assisting the Athlete to attend competitions, pay for training, training equipment etc.

The WattleNest Pty Ltd is not responsible for any brand conflicts and will not protect exclusivity - the Athlete is responsible for ensuring that any existing or future Corporate Partnership agreements are complied with, that by participating in the Athlete Partner Program they are not in breach of pre-existing agreements and that they will advise any future Corporate Partners etc of his or her participation in the Athlete Partner Program.

The Athlete indemnifies and will keep the WattleNest Pty Ltd indemnified from and against any and all claims directly or indirectly, arising out of or relating to any content posted on the Athlete’s website or social media posts concerning the WattleNest Pty Ltd or the Corporate Partner.

The Athlete agrees that by participating in the Athlete Partner Program, he / she is consenting to use of their image being used by the WattleNest Pty Ltd and the Corporate Partner without prior consent being obtained.

The WattleNest Pty Ltd is not liable for any damage, including but not limited to, not limited to if the Corporate Partner:

  • breaches these Terms and Conditions;
  • is subject to negative media publicity;
  • is subject to a change of control;
  • acts in a way that brings the WattleNest Pty Ltd or the Athlete into disrepute.

The athlete, where LinkedIn is being used, will add the WattleNest as an organisation of affiliation.

The athlete, where Instagram is being used, will follow the WattleNest and show support of other athletes in the program.

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